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The immune system of the intestine is the largest in the whole body. Approximately 80% of the immune response from our immunity system comes from the intestine. It guarantees an almost invincible barrier to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and a barrier against other foreign proteins of food.

Our body has an extraordinary tolerance to foods, under the condition that they are properly digested and the intact intestinal barrier pass through the intended way, namely by the intestinal cells. The common intestinal bacteria (intestinal flora) provide for the synthesis and breakdown of substances that cannot be broken down by the own system (e.g. dietary fibers). The intestinal bacteria also affect the detoxification process of the liver (conjugation) and we need hydroxylation in liver and kidneys for production to active substances.
The intestines: intestinal nervous, intestinal membranes (mucosa) and intestinal wall should be in functional status for the inclusion and release of nutrients.

A number of situations can weaken the immune system from the intestine:
► IgE Allergic Food Hypersensitivity
► IgG Non Allergic Food hypersensitivity
► Hormonal Imbalance
► Stress/metal tensions
► Bad Food Habit
► Long medication Intake.
► Disturbance in the amino acid balance
► Imbalance of the intestinal flora
► Thyroid function or Hormone production
► Enzyme Deficiencies
► Heavy Metal Load

Any chronic illness, leads to less or more extent, that a patient’s resistance system weakens.
The scientific studies of hematological, serological, microbiological, biochemistry and clinical chemistry provide information on the recent physical processes.  Additional research provide us the information about deficiencies and food hypersensitivity that partly can reduce inflammation in the body:

► IgE – IgG – IgA
► Enzymes, cofactors and co-enzymes.
► Liver functions and the cytochrome P450 enzyme systems.
► Status of the Intestinal flora
► Biogene Amines

From this information we can make nutritional intervention schedule on individual immunological level.
Without these nutritional adjustments, the purification system may not function optimally, which will ultimately adversely affect our
pH-regulation and make recovery and support possibilities impossible.


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