With diagnosed limitations and/or (temporary) adjustments, we understand very well that converting to a new diet scheme can cause problems, because this needs time and a lot of discipline. It is important that you review the reporting well so that you already have some product knowledge and sciences, such as e-numbers that contain wrong substances for you or distorted product names that hide an unauthorized substance from you.
All kinds of questions can come your way in terms of purchasing, storage techniques, cooking techniques, food preparations and applying the right distribution key in macronutrients and micronutrients.
When you have mineral limitations, such as protein, salt, sodium, potassium, phosphate, etc.  a list will be added in your reporting.
This gives you an overview so that you know which combinations are good or not good for your personal health. If you doubt your own knowledge, we can guide you in this.

It is very important that you do not get too frustrated because of these changes, as frustration gives tension and tension gives stress and stress affects your digestive system and harms your metabolism, causing less energy eventually.
We can help you make this transition without too much frustration by:
* guidance and assistance in the purchase of specific products,
* read product knowledge and labels,
* hygiene and cross-contamination techniques,
* cooking techniques in your food composition.

We can also prepare entire or partial receipts for you, according to your nutrition schedule. We freeze in these dishes and/or put in glass jars so that you only have to heat them up or lash out at home. This allows you to apply your nutrition schedule in practice as fast as possible.
Dishes we can prepare for you according to your personal schedule include:
* Soups,
* meat and game meat recipes,
* hot vegetarian recipes,
* hot vegan recipes,
* dressings, sauces and chutneys
* ice cream, vegetable smoothies and fruit smoothies

We try at all times to meet your personal wishes in food compositions, within the range of your new (temporary) nutritional schedule.

we work through the allergens legislation Horeca (HSN) according to the code standards:
Social Hygiene – allergens training – HACCP


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