Nutritional Intervention

Individual nutritional adjustments include not only Colitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac and irritable bowel, but also concerns migraines, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, asthma, cancer, behavioral disorders and chronic depressions. Many disorders can suppress the immune system (temporarily), which adversely affects the PH regulation.
Long term of suppression can lead to infections. Infections can then lead to inflammations and inflammations can lead to symptoms, syndromes and diseases.

To reduce inflammation, we merged all laboratory results for making an individual nutritional schedule and needs.
In addition to this nutrient plan we following aspects are processed:
► Recent medical provisions and treatments.
► Nutritional provisions based on diagnosed antibodies
► Food Processing and Preparation methods
► Additional nutrition advice based on specific organ support
► Food Combinations and knowledge
► Addition to deficiencies for conjugation and hydroxylation.
► Food advice for optimal enzyme absorption.
► Measurements: Oxygen saturation Sp02 and blood pressure
► Stimulation of the lymphatic system to increase blood circulation to improve of the cardiovascular system.

Elimination diet
Type III allergy means your immune system so-called specific IgG antibodies against food produces.
These antibodies can cause inflammatory processes that can become chronic. Symptoms are variable and their appearance is delayed, so that up to three days after contact with an inappropriate food still symptoms can be experienced. After a laboratory examination the proper diet can be determined what is then processed in a (temporary) elimination diet.

An elimination diet provides health benefits among others:
► Auto-Immune condition
► Leaky Bowel Syndrome
► Gastrointestinal symptoms
► Food Allergies and intolerances
► Migraines and headaches
► Skin Irritations
► Cancer
► Depression

Without modifications, the digestive and purification organs remain overloaded which hinders optimal functioning due to the negative impact of the PH regulation. Time plays an important role in the process of elimination. Your body and your gut will need time to recover. Therefore, it is important that you consider the IgG food research to be seen as a long term planning and make your change in diet a new habit.

These nutritional sciences with their elements lead to:
► Preventive Care in maintenance and longevity through the application of knowledge and sciences.
► Supportive Care for better quality of life in addition to medical treatments.
► Recovering Care in Nutritional disorders.

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