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Laboratory Research

Additional laboratory research are an important role in the resistance determination


Nutritional Sciences


Our specialization is health coaching at individual immunological level


Immunofood B.V. is a practice for implementing laboratory results, conducting specific laboratory tests, analyzing and diagnosing for putting food interventions into practice on an individual basis. IMMUNOFOOD means Immuno= (immunoglobulin / antibodies) food     

                                                             Right food / better health

We specialize in detection and treatment of digestive disorders by doing  laboratory results and apply nutritional intervention to preserve the intracellular metabolism.
In order to be able to apply nutritional interventions, it is necessary to gain insight into your digestive and metabolic processes. We obtain this information by conducting laboratory tests through (Ig=immunoglobulin) IgE food allergy, IgG- food hypersensitivity, intestinal flora Scan, vitamins/minerals, heavy metals, enzymes, celiac disease, histamine (Urticarial) etc.
The innate immune system provides the first line of defense,  through the skin, intestinal mucous membranes, respiratory tract and genitals.
The immune system of the intestine is responsible for about 80% of this immune capacity. The intestinal mucosa are in direct connection with the nasal mucosa and the mucous membranes in the lungs, bladder, etc.).
A nutritional intervention plan and feeding schedule is always compiled on the basis of laboratory tests in case of complaints and illness. We distinguish between:

* Nutritional intervention as prevention in a responsible lifestyle
  ( in view of your specific objectives and interests )
* Nutritional intervention in case of complaints to prevent disease
  ( in response to specific laboratory tests on nutrition that are carried out via Immunofood )
* Nutritional intervention in addition to disease as complementary care
  ( based on laboratory results of clinical chemistry of your Practitioner or Specialist )

Nutrition provides us with the nutrients, each with its own contribution to vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our enzymatic activities depend on this to ensure that digestion and metabolic processes take place in good order. without enzymes, metabolic processes would not be possible, making life impossible!






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Intervention in digestive disorders
due to laboratory tests

Laboratory diagnostics
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