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Laboratory Research

Additional laboratory research are an important role in the resistance determination


Nutritional Sciences


Our specialization is health coaching at individual immunological level


Immunofood is a specialized nutritional practice in personal nutritional needs, so full-fledged correct nutrition tailored to everyone’s personal situation / constitution.
Because everybody has its own DNA status, we also have our own specific digestive, metabolic and biotransformation system, so that everyone can react differently to the same product (and medication). For this reason, we do not work with dietary forms but with individual nutritional adjustments (EBP).

Target group: nutrition-related disorders such as; allergies (IgE), intolerances (IgG) and celiac disease, but also to support during a recovery process, chronic condition or in addition to medical treatment.

Method: we interpret the laboratory results of your doctor, of external allergy Laboratories and laboratory tests that have been carried out in connection with your food-related complaints.

Not familiar with external allergy Laboratories,
then we will arrange your request at the desired laboratory

All laboratory results are aggregated and then reported in a personalized nutritional intervention plan, and if necessary, a nutritional elimination-in-rotation schedule for a period of time.

If you have difficulty putting your nutritional adjustments into practice, we will guide you as a chef in your own kitchen and provide you with feedback during the period of conversion and adjustment in your diet.

Laboratory results should not be older than 3 months.
Medical treatments, medications and supplements should be reported.








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