Elimination-in-rotation schedule
Food sensitivities belong to the so-called IgG-mediated immune responses. When laboratory results indicate that you have an increased value of IgG antibodies, you are suffering from a food intolerance type III related chronic inflammation. In the lab study, the number of positive foods indicates that your intestinal permeability is increased and that your immune system is reacting against food, which it should normally ignore. The symptoms are very diverse and can occur from immediately to three days after eating a reactive food.

Every time positive foods are eaten, an inflammatory reaction occurs again and again. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals are then not absorbed from the diet, but trigger an inflammatory reaction that weakens your entire body. Vitamins and minerals are anti-inflammatory: Since tissue damage results from missing nutrients, we can say that this can inevitably lead to inflammation. Repetitive inflammatory processes can cause chronic diseases, as well as promote new infections and allergies. Food sensitivities can then act as catalysts and decisively worsen the normal innocent burdens and complaints.

To ensure that your intestinal mucosa and microbiome can recover, you should temporarily adjust your dietary habits according to the elimination-in-rotation principle. We specialize in creating these elimination-in-rotation schemes making it feasible and easier for you, however, this still requires a lot of discipline from yourself. Of course it is particularly important that you do not get too much frustration from these changes, because frustration gives tension and tension gives stress and stress affects your digestion and therefore your metabolism so that ultimately less energy. In order to facilitate you during this temporary conversion period, we offer you a number of practical services that you can use ( see page: cooking in practice ). We try at all times to meet your personal wishes in dish compositions, so far this is possible within your new elimination-in-rotation scheme..

Although there are many adverse claims about a feeding schedule nowadays, there are also numerous benefits to mention in a personal elimination-in-rotation schedule that we have set up. See this conversion as an optimal challenge to a healthy new lifestyle, because after all, it will make you feel better!

Advantages of an elimination-in-rotation scheme:
* You know the menu planning far in advance, making purchasing more efficient
* Variety provides diversity for restoring your microbiome
* Variety offers repair possibilities to mucous membranes (first-line defense)
* Through variety you have a maximum utilization of vitamin and mineral intake
* Correct recipe combinations give better metabolic processes
* Less inflammation gives reduced or disappearing pain complaints and more energy
* etc.

During the advised elimination-in-rotation period, we are available to you 7 days a week via app. or SMS. for questions about your personal food schedule.

In a treatment process by a specialist in which interim blood tests are done, your feeding schedule is always adjusted to the latest recent laboratory results.


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