With diagnosed limitations and/or (temporary)adjustment, we understand very well that converting your own habit to a new food schedule can cause problems, because this requires time and a lot of discipline. It is important that you read your report carefully so that you already (re)know some product knowledge and sciences, such as e-numbers in which the wrong substances for you or distorted product names that hide an unauthorized substance from you.
All kinds of questions can come your way in terms of purchasing, storage techniques, cooking techniques, dish compositions and applying the right distribution key: carbohydrates–proteins–fats etc…. When, in addition to nutritional restriction, you also follow a medical diet, such as protein, salt, sodium, potassium, phosphate restriction. If desired, we will add a list to your report as an aid to court compositions, with which you have insight into correct food combinations that are good and not good for your health. In case of doubt, always contact us to prevent mistakes, this prevents missteps during your intervention period!

It is very important that you do not get too much frustration from these changes, because frustration gives tension and tension gives stress and stress affects your digestion and therefore your metabolism ultimately causing less energy.

We can offer you a helping hand in:
* guidance and help with purchasing (product knowledge) and purchase of specific products
* Read labels and detect distorted product names
* storage techniques concerning freshness and cross-contamination
* cooking techniques, food combinations and distribution key in dish preparation

We can also prepare all or part of the dishes for you according to your food schedule. These dishes are frozen by us ( Pyrex Cook & Freeze dishes ) These dishes we packed in borosilicate glass, BPA-free and are very resistant to high temperature changes. At home you only have to defrost / heat the relevant dish. This allows you to apply your food schedule faster in practice.

Dishes that we can prepare for you, provided that the results allow, include:
* Soups
* Meat dishes
* Vegetarian dishes
* Vegan dishes
* Dressings, sauces and chutneys
* Ice cream and desserts
We try at all times to meet your personal wishes in court compositions, so far this is possible within your new (temporary) food schedule.



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