A nutrition plan is always individual and is obtained by interpreting and analyzing the laboratory tests in combination with your interests and needs. .

We work from 3 principles with choices that are a necessity for you:
1st Science
Diagnosing by interpreting and analyzing all recent laboratory results
2nd Intervention in theory
Reporting of your results of our specific laboratory tests and the scientific information associated with your nutrition plan
3rd Food schedule in practice
Dish preparation (recipe development) according to your daily food schedule
Support with purchasing specific products (through our product knowledge)


1st Science:
Interpreting Lab results and diagnostics from your Doctor/Specialist.
Request additional laboratory tests through our IMMUNOFOOD practice
concerning your digestive & metabolic processes: IgE allergy, IgG food hypersensitivity, intestinal flora scan, vitamins/minerals, Celiac disease, heavy metals, enzymes and skin problems (histamine/.eczema).
Analyzing these specific laboratory results.
Control interactions of dietary, supplement and medication metabolism.

2nd Intervention in theory:
Drawing up a nutrition plan in case of permanent limitations.
Drawing up [temporary] feeding schedule according to the analyzed Lab results.
Lifestyle rules for optimizing pH-regulation and enzyme activities.
Informative reporting about elimination principle, food schedule, product- en label knowledge.
Recipe development and dish compositions in reporting.
Nutrient overview in diagnosed impairments by clinical chemistry.

3rd Food schedule in practice:
Standby for direct questions via Tel./ App./ sms / Email regarding cooking and 
preparation techniques and sensory changes during the first 3 months of your food schedule, if necessary. extension period in consultation.
Dish preparations based on your food schedule from the freezer or mason jar.
Purchase information through our practice for customized food products.

During a treatment process by a specialist in which interim blood tests are done, your individual
food schedule is always adjusted to your latest recent laboratory results.

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HBO Nutritionist / Med.BK
Ineke van Eekelen
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Intervention in digestive disorders
due to laboratory tests

Laboratory diagnostics
Reporting nutrition plan
Food schedule in practice

Consultations € 65,- / hour
(ex. 21% VAT)
Laboratory tests on request

Social Hygiene
Allergens training