The immune system is a collaborative set of a large number of cells and molecules of the immune response in the Multi cellular organism.

  • The immune system has a protective as well as a draining function.
  • The immune system has a first-line defense and a second-line defense

Because the intestinal canal is responsible for the immune capacity, nutrition plays an important role in this resistance determination. The strength of natural resistance is determined by the innate and acquired immunity within the immune system.
The intestinal bacteria also influence the detoxification process of the liver (conjugation) and we need hydroxylation in the liver and kidneys to produce active substances.
In order to strengthen a body in quality of life or to be able to support it in case of disease, science is necessary through laboratory tests. After all, every body is unique, so every treatment is unique as well.
Together with our team, we offer you the following possibilities:

We interpret the laboratory diagnostics of your doctor / specialist:
This concerns the laboratory results of hematological, serological, microbiological, biochemistry and clinical chemistry studies.
We analyze our additional laboratory results:
For a.o.: IgE allergies, IgG food hypersensitivity, enzymes, histamine, vitamins / minerals, microbiology, digestive enzymes,
We carry out laboratory tests on antibodies:
IgE – IgG – IgA, enzymes, co-factors and co-enzymes.
We carry out laboratory tests on intestinal flora status:
Microbiology aerobic and anaerobic, mycology, pH, digestion.
We make individual food intervention plan:
IgE allergy, IgG intolerance, celiac disease, biogenic amines (Urticaria), candida, eczema, depression, cancer, obesity, headache/migraine, rheumatism, fibromyalgia etc.
In addition to the nutrition plan, we report:
Daily feeding schedule, Product- and label knowledge, recipe development, dish composition
We offer you eating guidelines in addition to your feeding schedule:
To optimize your enzyme activities and enzyme systems, pH regulation, omega fatty acids, carbohydrate and protein digestion, microorganisms, (heavy) metals, vitamins and minerals. 

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Intervention in digestive disorders
due to laboratory tests

Laboratory diagnostics
Nutrition plan
Food in practice

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Laboratory tests on request

Social Hygiene
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